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Hi, this is Harsha a blogger of site: Trendattire.com.

Harshwardhan Azad Singh

Harshwardhan Azad Singh

Hi, this is Harsha a blogger of site: Trendattire.com. I recently opened this blog of fashion and styling. You can get much information about how to dress by following this site. You can get articles on the dresses of upcoming season-summer, which will run this year. As well you will come to know more about fashion and style and will always be with trend. I use to share all my experience with a bit of latest trends mix to it with the best of my knowledge. This is the blog site of you and especially for you.

Hello, my full name is Harshwardhan Azad Singh, a 22 years old, good looking, cool and fashionable boy. I live in a developing city of India and have a passion to do something for my country. I completed my basic education recently and also have a work experience as an Asst. Fashion Designer, got by working with a famous Designer. There were many options to make career in it but from my childhood only I was fond of fashionable clothes and it was a headache to buy clothes for me, as I first visited all the famous stores and then select few pieces for me. Everyone shouted at me but this habit helped me a lot as I got the ability to choose the perfect from many. Although my taste became so perfect that they who scolded me earlier now tried to convince me for shopping for them.

The idea of creating this blog came by one of my friend, to share all my best knowledge about fashion across the globe. I have some of pieces fully designed by me and it is also good enough to be liked by everyone but now it is not the correct time to explore it. I also got suggestions from all who saw my collection to try as a designer but again this is not the perfect time because I am personally stuck in some problems nowadays but will introduce it very soon and of course you’ll come to know about it. But now I enjoy blogging because it gives experience and also much knowledge is gathered here.

You’ll always be updated with latest trends and also get ideas to change, to improve your dressing sense. As we know inner strength and positive attitude we get first by our dress. You can impress anyone just by your first look and of course smartness, which comes when you’re dressed perfectly. You can get each and every questions answered here about dressing and have believe that it’ll definitely help you in making a special impression in your locality and also across. Just have believe in you and you can also be a Star, just a little more work is to be done.