12 Trending Tips on How to Wear Leggings


Leggings are the most common and most used dress in a young girl’s life; also it’s a versatile lower of any ladies wardrobe. As it gives you the ease to be dressed with anything and also gives you perfect and sexy look, if dressed up with properly matched top and accessories it gives you an un-defining pleasure. It is the most comfortable way of clothing and also gives you the advantage to show off your buts, if you like. It is the most important to pair it, according to occasion and venue. You must choose your leggings keeping your age in mind.

Leggings are loved right from years ago, by the change of material and colors, these classic leggings trend the whole year. One advantage you get by adding legging to your closet is that you can get ready for anywhere in just few minutes, it is very time saving. Many use leggings as a layered outfit, as it’s totally yours choice on how to use it. One should must care in making selection of your legging, as it is necessary to cover your seem and also to get a nice fabric which is not sheer. Here we have, 12 Trending Tips on How to Wear Leggings, which will definitely help you in selecting the perfect one for you.

It must not be tight or loose: It is good to have tight leggings, but it’s not really good to show your every brief by getting a tighter one. Also with looser ones, it must be comfortable but must not flatter or create a hump. It must be fit according to the body shape. Leggings are good and wonderful in many ways, with their ability to mix or blend styling with comfort.

It must be long: Notice that one’s a legging or any such like stuff gets washed it shrinks and gets a few inches low after many washes and gets saggy at knee. It is good to keep them for reserve or for use at home or that can be used in hard winters, as to be used under jeans or trousers.

Pair with good pair of shoes:

Leggings With Shoes

Leggings With Shoes

The perfect lower match to a legging is boot; either it is a knee-high or low-cut. Then also there are substitute as you can have it with sandals or flip-flops. You can also have it with heels or pumps but you have to make sure that it goes with your shirt or upper dress. Act smart in this as it gives you a tacky look if combined with wrong footwear.

Don’t have it as Pants or Tights: Leggings are not pants! That you can have it with any shirt or top nor it’s a tight that you can easily have it under your jeans or trousers. You can have it as pants, just be clear that it must not be too revealing, it can be worn with long shirt or top.

Always prefer it with Long Tops: It is important to cover your buts, while wearing leggings as it gets fit to your body and highlights your assets. Style must be done in such a way that you get good compliments not the bad ones. You will definitely not like if someone comments on your bouncing butt. So it’s best to have a piece made up of thick fabric, which would be sufficient to hide.

Always First Prefer Dark Color: It is best to have a piece of dark colored legging in your closet as it has many advantages, it can be worn with any color combination and on any type. It also has an advantage that you can pair it to your work or a stylish one for an evening party. It works for all situations.

Try Leather Leggings:

Leather Leggings

Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are best for punching up the casual look for day, or to add a sex appeal to your special hours, or just have to go for movie premiers you can simply wear leather leggings at bottom with any good combined top. A leather legging give you a bold look and is best for Bosses and even better to look like a celebrity.

Have Printed One with Nice Top: Printed legging is the best thing to have a change and to do something different with your styling. If paired with a good and nice top it looks totally unique.  As it goes perfect with a plain top but you can also have it with any of the prints or patterns. Many varieties of prints are available nowadays in the market; the most trending ones are Galaxy print, American flag print and Mustache print.

Pair it With a Nice Dress: Mostly we prefer plain and simple leggings so it’s best to have a good dress paired with it. If paired with nice top it adds more glam to your look and makes it prettier. It should be paired with good tops and undergarments, as cotton ones reveal too much. Shoes are the best to get combined with.

Pair it with Blazer:

Legging with Blazer

Legging with Blazer

Legging with Blazer is the best dress to wear to work; it gives a well classy look and puts a good impression on the viewers. If you want to reveal your butt you can have Blazer a shorter one. As it gives complete professional look you can have it on Business dates and as well on client meetings, important to you.

Avoid Shiny Ones and Tight Tops: Unless you’re going for a celebrity look it’s better to avoid shiny leggings, as leggings already are so much revealing. Leggings are tight enough which fits to your body and reveals your butt, if paired with wrong or tight top it makes more revealing. All your body curves and assets are easily visible if the fabric is thin and sticks, so it’s best to have a long top which covers your body.

Feel Comfortable:

Feel Comfortable

Feel Comfortable

Leggings are mainly worn for comfort, in the past years it was a home wear which was used for doing exercises and other household works. But nowadays it is trending in all modes even for work or for parties. It is important to have a piece made of good fabric that makes you comfortable and free to work. It is biggest falling fashion trend so you can find easily the perfect one for you.



How to wear leggings plus size – Leggings are tights and meant for showing off your curves, so it’s hard to find a plus sized legging but there are many options by which you can get it. No matter what your size is, just have a piece perfect to your size not over or small, means it must fit from your legs to hip. You can have any top paired with that but not only any tight or short top. The ideal top would be long enough that comes to your hip or below.

How to wear leggings with boots – Leggings work with any size boots but its best to have it with a taller one, because it gives the advantage of tights only its more sub-stainable and opaque than that. One more important reason behind that is it makes your calves covered and removes the thickening effect of legs which you get on wearing leggings. Although it works for all seasons and weather conditions but it is best to have it on winter or rainy weather.

How to wear leggings to work – Most of the places don’t prefer leggings as their dress at work, but nowadays there are many which didn’t pay much attention on that, unless it must not be revealing. To work you can prefer a piece made up of some fancy materials such as of leather, dark denim, etc. It is important to pair it with a nice top and a good pair of boots or shoes that add a compliment to your style. Try long sweaters and blazers upon that for much professional look. Just keep in mind that patterned or printed leggings should be avoided while using it on work.

How to wear leggings with a dress – Leggings are the best thing that can be used if you want to combine anything to your dress. Long tops are always preferred with leggings, just like that with good dresses it also looks cool. In summers and springs its best to have legging combined with your dress, you can match from any color of your dress, just leaving the main color. Some of the women’s also use it to hide their legs while wearing a dress.

How to wear leggings with skirts – If you’re willing to wear a skirt combined with legging, it shouldn’t clash with the colors of your dress or leggings. You must prefer a tight shirt to wear with loose skirts and also a plain legging with patterned skirt or plain skirt with patterned legging. The most important thing to take care here is the color combination of all your dresses.

How to wear leggings to a wedding – Wearing leggings to a wedding is not a perfect idea, as many would never go with that. But many also prefer it as for comfort and other issues. You can wear it with dresses, blazers, sweaters, etc to wedding. Leggings combined with tight top, followed by upper covering looks gorgeous at any event.

How to wear leggings for spring – As we all know that spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, especially for plants. We come to see many of nice flowers in this season. Like that only spring brings the advantage to wear prints especially floral. Bright colors are the most common, get lighter fabrics and as well dress in layers. It is best to have printed long shirts or long tops to wear with leggings.

How to wear leggings for summer – Avoiding bare legged this summer, must go with leggings. It not only avoids sunburn but also gives a standard look anywhere. It is the most comfortable outfit which not only makes you feel free but also it should be breathy. Leather’s are meant for all season so you can have it on any special venue.

How to wear leggings for winter – Planning to wear leggings this winter, you must prefer fabric that keeps you warm enough. You can also pair it inside like tights or just can have it with skirts, or long dresses. A dark color goes best for winters. The most important thing that you have to notice is warmth that you get by wearing it, as it is winter.

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